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Lilongwe, Malawi February 19 -21, 2019

Lilongwe, Malawi

February 19 – 21, 2019

This data literacy boot camp will equip you with basic data literacy to help you to understand and interpret data so that you can use it for data-driven storytelling and other civic data projects.

The d|Bootcamp is hands-on. You will learn basic tools and skills by doing exercises with real data from local sources. Some of the skills you’ll learn include how to find data, how to acquire data by scraping a website, how to analyse data (looking for patterns, stories or clues) and present data in an informative and engaging way.

This d|Bootcamp is hosted by Code for Africa and African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting. It will kick off on Tuesday, February 19, 8:30 am at Sunbird Capital Hotel.

This 3-day event is free, with seats for 40 journalists or civic activists, developers/coders/researchers, and entrepreneurs who are interested in building data-driven civic apps or data stories.

Participants will work in teams, using readily available data resources from a range of Malawi government agencies and other global organisations. d|Bootcamp participants will also be invited to join and build a local data community so that they can continue to expand their digital literacy skills. Each participant should have their own laptop/computer during the entire training session and create accounts for the following ahead of session:

  1. Google Account (This is essential!)
  2. Infogram
  3. Datawrapper 
  4. Flourish
  5. Cometdocs
  6. Twit 

And download the following software on the laptop/computer that will be used during the session: 

  1. Google Chrome web browser
  2. Tabula
  3. Instant data scraper (chrome extension)
  4. TinEye (chrome extension)
  5. InVID Verification Plugin (chrome extension)
  6. KnowNews (chrome extension)
  7. Botcheck (chrome extension)
  8. CrowdTangle

Register today to confirm your seat!

Hacks (Journalists) & Bloggers

Journalists, Bloggers, Videographers, Graphic Artists, Interactive Designers. Learn to tell more powerful stories with new new tools. Learn to use data to create localised / personalised content.

Hackers & Makers

Developers, Designers, User Experience (UX) Researchers, Engineers. Come work on meaningful problems for mass audiences. Get connected to new markets, and practice your skills.

Civil Society Professionals

Data Experts, Government ICT Thought-leader and NGOs. Come help connect indicators to issues. Team up with civic technologists and mass media pioneers to build citizen tools.

Session Leaders

Chris Roper

Code for Africa

Amanda Strydom

Code for Africa

Tricia Govindasamy

Code for Africa

Michael Salzwedel

Code for Africa

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This Lilongwe d|Bootcamp  has been made possible through support from the following partners: