Introduction to data journalism

Philosophies and important processes | What is data?

Philosophies and important processes | Why is data important?

Philosophies and important processes | The two philosophies

Philosophies and important processes | Inverted Pyramid

Philosophies and important processes | Using data to tell a story

Challenges using data in stories

Challenges | What does the data mean?

Challenges | Too much?

Using data in stories

Simple data journalism | Examples

Referencing sources

Referencing | Name of report/ publication

Referencing | Name of data custodian

Referencing | Year of report / publication

Referencing | Hyperlink report / publication

Finding Data: A crash-course in less official ways to find data

Finding Data | Google Advanced Search | site:

Finding Data | Google Advanced Search | filetype:

Finding Data | Google Advanced Search | –

Finding Data | Google Advanced Search | Double Modifiers

Finding Data | Google Advanced Search | Advanced Search Tool

Finding Data | Google Tables

Finding Data | Google Public Data Explorer

Data Scraping – Scraping data from pdfs and websites

Data Scraping | Tabula

Data Scraping | Cometdocs

Getting Comfortable with Data : Introduction to Spreadsheets

Introduction to Spreadsheets | Create Sheet

Introduction to Spreadsheets | Upload .CSV

Getting Comfortable with Data : Troubleshooting Messy Data

Troubleshooting Messy Data | Clear Formatting

Troubleshooting Messy Data | Resize Columns and Text Wrapping

Troubleshooting Messy Data | Find and Replace

Troubleshooting Messy Data | TRIM

Troubleshooting Messy Data | Text to Column

Troubleshooting Messy Data | LEFT / RIGHT Functions

Troubleshooting Messy Data | OpenRefine

Getting Comfortable with Data : Finding Insights in Data

Finding Insights in Data | Sort

Finding Insights in Data | Filter

Finding Insights in Data | Conditional Formatting

Finding Insights in Data | Basic Statistics

Finding Insights in Data | Calculate Percentage / Rate

Finding Insights in Data | Decimal Points

Finding Insights in Data | IFS Function

Finding Insights in Data | Pivot Tables

Data Visualisation Tools Creating simple data visualisations

Data Visualisation | Infogram

Data Visualisation | Datawrapper

Data Visualisation | Google Data GIF Maker

Data Visualisation | Flourish